Charles Williams and actress Zoe Cauldwell clown for the camera

Actress Zoe Cauldwell and Charles Williams clown for the camera.

Hello, everyone:

This is my first dip into the blogosphere. I hope you’ll have patience with me as I learn how to navigate in this vast, and for me, largely uncharted, cyber-sea.

For those of you that do not know me, I am a singer, actor and voice teacher. Though I may be a bit limited when it comes to digital technology, there is one area where I can teach you how to navigate like a pro. That is the stage. My mission is to teach others how to discover their true voices and send them forth with power, beauty and confidence.

I am hoping that this blog will enable me to share some of the insights I’ve gained in my career as a singer, actor and teacher. I’ll also keep you posted on my adventures on the road — one of the great advantages of touring is that my creative imagination is constantly being recharged by the productions I’m in and the amazing people I meet.

Who knows? My touring schedule might take me to your neighborhood. I give voice workshops each summer at a variety of locations. To find out when and where you can take a workshop with me and to learn more about my teaching philosophy and career, please visit my website.

Have a great summer.


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